At the Ministry of Justice, the eighth meeting of the Council for Reforms of the Judiciary, was held today. An Assessment Report on the Implementation of the Strategy on Reforms in the judiciary was presented.

Within the EU Project, IPA 2007 , Mr. Alessandro Simoni, a professor of comparative law at the University of Florence and Mr. Wolfgang Tiede, an expert on judicial reform in Central and Eastern Europe, have assessed the implementation of the Strategy on Reforms in judiciary in 2004.

The aim of the assessment on implementation of judicial reform is to make a detailed evaluation of the results achieved so far, the shortcomings and weaknesses that have emerged in implementing the Strategy and to assist the Ministry of Justice in drafting a strategic document for continuing of reforms in the judiciary and ensuring sustainability of reform efforts.

Experts performed inspection and assessment of all previously received and processed data, laws, reports, information, analysis, strategic documents, studies, assessments and other materials. In addition, experts carried out visits and consultations in 46 judicial institutions, international and non - governmental organizations.

The general conclusion of the experts report is that:

"The strategy of 2004 was successfully implemented in an environment of limited financial resources, lack of human resources and lack of technical experience for some specific laws.

The implementation included adoption of large number of laws in a short period of time and important technical and organizational changes.

In the area of judicial independence, the progress is really impressive and the system of formal guarantees seems to be the most compatible one with the need for flexibility and control over professional work. "

All laws which were anticipated in the Strategy were adopted, it is stated at the Report.

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